Create your Point - of - Contact Experience

Check out the demo to see what your Point of Contact could look like from any device, service, or location.

  • Zalotta Facebook and Pinterest Integration


    Let your guests share their love for your food and drinks in a whole new way.

    By integrating social networks into your menu your guests will have a new level of connection with your restaurant.

    Facebook icon Pinterest icon
  • Zalotta works on any device.


    Allow your guest to always take home your menu

    Searching for online menus is a hassle. QR coded or NFC enabled menus can take potential customers right to your online menu, optimized for every device

    Zalotta QR Coded Menus
  • Centralized Online Menu Presence


    Consolidate your social presence

    Zalotta makes your menu the central hub in your social media presence. The Zalotta Interactive Menu is easy to create and becomes the single point of reference to manage your restaurants message.

  • Share Menu Items on Facebook and Pinterest


    Get recognition for your unique specialties

    Signature items can capture the community’s imagination.    Placing a Zalotta QR code on your menu makes it easy for your guests to love their favorite dishes.

Are you looking for a new way to engage and interact with your guests

Zalotta gives people a new way to experience your restaurant through an interactive menu built around social media and portability.

Give us a ring and we'll show how a Point of Contact system can revolutionize your restaurant.(317) 777-6181

The Many Benefits of Zalotta


Each Menu is personalized for the Guest via social sharing

Word - of - Mouth meets the 20th century. Our integration into Facebook allows your Guests to love and crave each individual menu item. They also see what their friends Craved, Had, Loved at your restaurant.



No more marketing fees for offering promotions to your customers. Zoupons spread through your loyal Facebook Fans.


Put your menu on your Fan Page

Use Zalotta's Facebook App to place your menu on your Fan Page.


Showcase your best dishes with mouthwatering image(s)

This not only increases the appetite of your guest but the average of the check as well.


No App Needed!

Our interactive menus work from any mobile, tablet or desktop computer. We even work with Blackberries!


QR coded and NFC enabled door stickers, flyers, table tents and menus

QR coded and NFC enabled means your guests will allows have access to your menu when they need it!


Re-engage your Facebook friends

All your menu updates and zoupons are posted to your Facebook Fan Page!


Friend Connection

Facebook users can see what their friends Craved, Had, Loved at your restaurant!


Setup is a snap

No techical skills needed and we'll import your existing menu!


Social Media Portals

Works within all your search and social media portals (Yelp, Urban Spoon, Google Places, etc.)

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